Beginning Rock Climbing

activity phptp
level Adult
style Rock Climbing
challenge Moderate
age 14

$ 105.00

Rock climbing is quickly becoming more and more popular. The reasons become self-evident once you try it for yourself.  Climbers feel an incredible sense of accomplishment when scaling a sheer rock wall. The experience of being in the outdoors and finding yourself in a place you may have not envisioned yourself, can create a sense of adventure and closeness with nature. Beginning rock climbing, contrary to popular belief, does not come with a prerequisite for great upper body strength. Rather, the magic lies in the footwork, finding the little corners, edges and ledges for your rock climbing shoe to stick to. Add a little bit of balance to this equation and you are well on your way to getting up a steep rock face.

Our guides create an comfortable environment for beginning and first time rock climbers in the outdoors. The low teacher to student ratio (maximum 1:6) allows for personalized climbing instruction by our certified rock climbing staff. During the course you can expect to climb 2-3 routes and learn about:


Climbing commands

Rock climbing movement 



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check Experience climbing outdoors on real rock
check Learn the fundamentals of climbing
check Taught by certified climbing guides


What to expect


Moderate hiking
Climb 2-3 rock routes with instruction
Learn how to belay (optional)
The meeting of other outdoor lovers, just like you!

We provide



All climbing equipment including: 

Climbing shoes 



Ropes, Belay devices




You bring



Comfortable and weather appropriate clothing
1-2 liters of water
Sun protection
A day pack 
Sturdy walking shoes or boots