Survival Level 1: Navigation and Orienteering

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level Adult
style Backpacking
challenge Moderate
age 10

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Know where you are at all times, learn the skill of navigation and orienteering!


Navigating using a map and compass is one of those skills that make you feel like a true outdoors person. A handheld GPS is a great tool, however having a grasp on navigation fundamentals is critical when venturing into the wilds. The only essential tools you need (and are provided in the class) is a magnetic compass, a topographic map and knowledge how to use these tools. Being a well-rounded navigator is more than that though. There are natural clues, such as ridges, valleys, streams and rivers that help us understand our surroundings. It is important to develop this “common sense” knowledge in the outdoors to feel the readiness necessary to head into the backcountry.


Understanding how to properly read a topographical map enhances your foundation and confidence as a backcountry traveler.  In this course we take the time to practice hands on and theoretical navigation and map and compass skills.  The interactive learning environment turns this topic into a fun and exciting day of practicing navigation skills and turning them into knowledge you will use every time you are on the trail.


Skills such as orienting a map without a compass, taking a bearing and learning the difference between magnetic and true North are etched into our minds through games and lots of practice.


After this class you can expect to feel confident about navigating and walk away with knowledge about:


·         Navigating in the backcountry using natural clues


·         Navigating using a map and compass


·         Route finding


·         Triangulating using a map and compass


·         Reading a topographical map


·         The difference between magnetic and true north use in working with a map and compass




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check Learn the essential outdoor skill of navigating over land using a map and compass
checksmall group setting allows for a great interactive learning experience through practice and games
checkNo experience necessary


What to expect


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Moderate hiking
4 hours of moving
Interactive learning through games and practice
To become a skilled map reader
The possiblity of wildlife sightings 
Spectacular views
The meeting of like minded outdoors people, just like you!

We provide


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You bring


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Solid walking shoes suitable for walking on uneven surfaces
A small daypack for your things
Plenty of water for 6 hours of activity (we recommend 1-2 liters)
A snack as you see fit
Proper clothing for the predicted weather 
Sun Protection