Trad Climbing

activity phptp
level Adult
style Rock Climbing
challenge Moderate+
age 12

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Trad climbing also known as traditional climbing is a form of climbing where the climber places his or her own removable protection to secure a potential lead fall.


The second climber will clean these pieces and bring them with her.  The two types of protection used are spring loaded camming devices and stoppers or nuts which are essentially wedges to be placed into cracks and weaknesses in the rock. Traditional climbing is considered a pure form of climbing as it leaves the rock unharmed, contrary to using drilled bolts for protection. Traditional climbing also opens up the world of multi-pitch and alpine climbing.


Our two-day program teaches you the skills necessary to climb long routes that require multiple rope lengths and traditional climbing gear to ascend. This type of terrain is the ultimate exposure for any rock climber! 


Our AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association) certified instructors take you through both teaching setting protection and evaluating your work . We teach the class to the most up to date standards set for the by the AMGA, which is an internationally certified body setting the highest industry standards of guiding and protocols for mountain guiding. This means all the materials taught are up to date with cutting edge knowledge about the proper protocols and materials for teaching our programs. 


 The hands on class builds your foundation for becoming a confident traditional rock climber with the ability to climb on multi-pitch routes.


  You will learn how to: 


Tie advanced climbing knots and apply them in appropriate situations- specifically the clove hitch, the figure eight, the bowline and the munter hitch.


Build anchors using removable protection- specifically evaluating your terrain and assessing the safety for any 3 piece rock climbing anchor.


Manage your system for multi pitch trad climbing- how to smoothly transition from one belay station to the next.


Place removable protection as a lead climber- evaluating what pieces of protection to  use, how to space your protection and ensure that you have enough pieces left for your whole climb.


Space is limited so reserve a spot on the TRAD CLIMBING course now!


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check Learn the fundamentals of traditional rock climbing 
checkUnderstand the safety procedures involved in traditional climbing
checkTaught by AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructor

What to expect


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Moderate hiking
Intensive instruction by our certified AMGA Single Pitch Instructors 
Mock lead climbs (always protected with a top rope)
Placing traditional climbing equipment

We provide


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Treks and Tracks provides all climbing equipment including: 

Climbing shoes, helmets, harness

Ropes, belay devices

Traditional climbing equipment



You bring


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Comfortable and weather appropriate clothing
Traditional climbing equipment 
Lunch, 1-2 liters of water
Sun protection
A day pack 
Sturdy walking shoes or boots