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Practical Wilderness Survival

level Adult
style Expeditions
challenge Moderate
age 13 and up

Three Day Wilderness Class in a Remote Wilderness Setting

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If you are enjoying the wilderness and you unexpectedly get stranded, could you survive for 4 days until help arrives? This class will be held in the Yosemite wilderness, where 25% of the Nation's Search and Rescue Missions occur. 


This class is different than other survival classes - We teach you what works in a real situation in a backcountry setting. Enjoy the comforts of modern camping equipment such as the provided tents and sleeping gear while being in a wilderness environment that mimics areas where survival situations are common.

We will not spend time learning primitive crafts such as flint knapping or making cordage, baskets and pots from natural material. Though these are wonderful skills, they typically are not useful in a modern survival situation. Alternatively, the instructors will help you systematically strategize a plan based on what your risks and priorities are. The material covered in this course is designed to teach you two things: survive and be found. 


In the 3 day program we cover:


  • Risk Assessment
  • Priorities of survival
  • Survival psychology
  • Shelters
  • Managing hypothermia
  • Fire starting (via friction or flint)
  • Finding and treating water for safe drinking
  • Signaling for rescue
  • Basic wilderness first aid
  • Wild edibles and other foods (seasonal)
  • Navigation


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check Learn wilderness survival skills in a backcountry setting.
checkEnjoy the comforts of camping gear, while learning wilderness survival skills.
checkNo experience necessary. Backpacking gear is included

Yosemite - Alder Creek

Castle Rock State Park

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What to expect

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The group meets at 9 am at the designated trail head.

Two nights will be spent at the same backcountry camp.

The group will return to the cars by approx. 3:00 pm on the third day.

The hike is about 5 miles to the camp and is moderate.

Your backpack will weigh 25-30 lbs.

We provide

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Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad

Tent (2 person or 4 person)



Knife (if needed)

You bring

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Appropriate clothing


Fixed blade knife

Any of your own survival gear (if you have it - not required)

Lunches and snacks

(A detailed gear list will be provided 1 week prior to your trip)


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