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Rock climbing for kids

level Child
style Rock Climbing
challenge Moderate
age 8 and up


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 Rock climbing for kids is a wonderful and rewarding experience for all participants. Year after year we witness our kids climbing campers excelling at the sport of rock climbing.

Not only do participants have an active day in the outdoors with us, but the kids’ confidence level, their sense of team work and their sense of accomplishment all get a huge boost.


Our kids camps are hosted in two of California's beautiful State parks, Castle Rock State Park in the San Francisco Bay Area and Malibu Creek State Park in the Los Angeles Area.


Our day is structured in way for the group to stay engaged for the entire day. Once our group has gathered, we begin our day by going on a nature walk. Along the way the kids learn about animals, plants and rocks as well as how to tread lightly in our natural habitat.


Our American Mountain Guides Association certified instructors then decide which cliff to take the kids for the day. Given that there is a variety of terrain to choose from one class is rarely the same to then next giving returning kids a unique climbing experience each time they join.


 Once we are warmed up and know each other a little better, we setup at the beautiful sandstone cliffs. Here kids get a first-hand experience of what it is like to scale a real rock wall in the outdoors. The program progressively works with youth on developing skills to rock climb, including belaying and rope management.


Intermittent nature walks teach about the local eco-system and allow the kids to relax and unwind from climbing.


Our eventful day ensures that your child will have an unforgettable experience that is healthy, educational as well as inspiring. 


Treks and Tracks provides all safety equipment including personal safety devices such as helmets, harnesses and belay devices as well as climbing shoes.




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check Interactive learning environment in nature
check Confidence building
check Certified climbing guides teach the course



Castle Rock State Park

Malibu Creek State Park

Exit 38


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What to expect

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Moderate hiking
Climb 2-3 rock routes with instruction
Learn how to belay
The meeting of new friends who love the outdoors

We provide

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Treks and Tracks provides all climbing equipment including:

Climbing shoes



Ropes, Belay devices



You bring

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Comfortable and weather appropriate clothing
Lunch and/or snack
1-2 liters of water
Sun protection
A day pack 
Sturdy walking shoes or boots 

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